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Why I Hate Poetry November 22, 2009

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Can you spot the difference in these two pictures?

Picture A

Picture B

Admittedly, it’s hard to tell from the pictures and the colours are very similar, but it’s the letter ‘W’ in ‘Towering.’  Picture B has the letter I knit, which I saw in the reject pile at the Poetry Society’s Manchester viewing of the final knit poem.

Notice the 'W' in 'Towering' that is not sewn onto the poem

I  understand that more letters than needed were probably allocated in case people dropped out etc.   So, I would just like to start off by saying, thank you Poetry Society for wasting several hours of my life knitting that letter!

This afternoon, while my friends were pointing out their knitted letters with pride, I got to point to my letter in the reject pile and say, there’s my letter.  There was no pride in my voice, in case you’re wondering.  In fact, before I saw my letter in the reject pile, someone said, ‘The people who knit the letters over there must be gutted.’  That statement is correct.

For this letter, Poetry Society, I couldn’t even use up yarn in my stash because I didn’t have 100% double-knit for your oh-so-strict 100% wool, intarsia only knitting project.  And, Poetry Society, I’ll be damned if that bright red ‘T’ in ‘The’ is 100% wool because it looks cheap and horrible, like 100% acrylic often does.  There are also quite a few ‘N’s that were sewn on upside down and it looks ridiculous.  Not that I’m bitter or anything.

If I would have known my letter would end up in the reject pile, I would have at least asked for the letter ‘A’ so I could have taken it home with me today to dress as Hester Prynne for a costume party.  Because after today, I will always choose novels over poetry.

And that is why I now hate poetry.


2 Responses to “Why I Hate Poetry”

  1. oh noes!!! ((((pinkerton)))) that is such a sad story!

    I can spot two dodgy N’s from here. Tsk! You’d never catch us sewing squares together the wrong way round! 🙂 Also I can’t help but feel it was slightly cruel to pick such a serif-heavy font….

  2. James B Says:

    Haha oh no Cara!

    I bet the poem didn’t even rhyme….

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