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A Handmade Christmas – Some Free Patterns December 13, 2009

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As Christmas is quickly approaching, I thought I would pass along some good free pattern/project sources to make handmade gifts.  I’m a big fan of  handmade gifts because they make for a nice personal touch and can be much cheaper than store bought.  So, these are the websites I use the most when I’m looking for free patterns and gifts ideas.

Amy Butler Design has some great free sewing patterns, a lot of them are quilts, but there are also some cute cushion and wall hanging patterns.  She also has some free paper craft patterns for cards and gift tags.

Jo-Ann has a whole project section with a large variety of craft projects.  They are generally pretty simple and the quality ranges from ‘that s**t looks homesewn’ to pretty cute.

I think the point of About.com is to get money from advertising, but whenever I type in ‘free’ it’s the site that usually comes up on the first Google page.  A lot of the projects are pretty common sense and the quality is generally ‘that s**t looks homesewn’; it’s really more of a ‘How To’ than a pattern, but it’s good if you are afraid, or don’t like to create your own pattern and want something simple like a basic bag, pot holder or apron.  I’ve also gotten free cross stitch patterns and knitting patterns from About.com, so there are a lot of other free things you can find on the site.

I also use Burda Style, but last year they stopped offering free patterns and changed the format, so I don’t really like it any more.  Nevertheless, it is a good source for patterns, there are very good tutorials and you can get a lot of great ideas from other user’s projects.  There are still free patterns, but as they are submitted by the users, they aren’t always good.

If you knit but aren’t on Ravelry, Knitting Pattern Central is an excellent source for free knitting patterns.

Hopefully this helps with your gifting this holiday, especially if you’re uber cheap like me.


Sea Mammals and Turkeys December 6, 2009

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I’ve opened an Etsy Shop called I Dream of Crafts!  At the moment it’s a bit sparse and it’s still a work in progress while I get the hang of it, but I will be adding new items soon and will also make custom orders, so check it out!

I have also recently discovered the awesomeness that is cross stitch, which came to through a random handmade Christmas idea I had a few weeks ago.

I <3 Pink Sea Mammals!

I HEART Pink Sea Mammals!

During my internet research I came across Subversive Cross Stitch, which has loads of free resources and tutorials and an inspiring Flickr group.  If you’re sensitive about language, it’s probably not for you; there is a lot of cursing.  I probably wouldn’t make a lot of the stuff on the website or in the book mainly because of the language, but I appreciate it.  I think you need something in-your-face to break cross stitch’s old granny hobby reputation.  I also love that the abrasive language is decorated with hearts, flowers and bunnies.

So, after finding inspiration from the Subversive Cross Stitch Flickr photos, I bought a small cross stitch pack from the craft store and was pleased to find that cross stitching is an amazingly easy hobby.  This cross stitch is far from subversive, but I LOVE sea mammals!

This is a definite belated mention, but the lovely Creating Misericordia brought paper and crayons so everyone could make hand turkeys this Thanksgiving.  A definite success.

Thanksgiving Hand Turkeys

There will be plenty more finished projects after the holidays, so stay tuned!