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New Look Skirt = Success! August 6, 2009

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Finished New Look Skirt

Finished New Look Skirt

I got some fabric last week and whipped up the New Look 6872 skirt and finished it up this afternoon.  It didn’t take me a week to make; I just took my time with it.  It was super simple and turned out a lot better than I thought it would.  The one thing I did change was the length, which I took it up about 4 inches.

The picture doesn’t really show off the fabric enough, but it’s not plain black.  It’s got little red, yellow and blue-gray spatter paint-like speckles.  The speckles add a bit to the fabric, and it was cheaper than plain black.  Which leads me to an increasing frustration, which is the lack of nice fabric in Manchester.

I really miss Joann’s (a craft superstore with a massive fabric selection in the States).  For a fabric store, Abakhan’s in Manchester is really lacking in fabrics with nice prints that are also fashionable.  I feel like whenever I need fabric, I end up choosing the best out of a not very good lot.  There have been 2, maybe 3, times I’ve seen fabric that really makes me excited to use in a project, but it’s very rare and the fabric is usually never ordered again.  When I have more money, I plan on buying more fabric online, and if I become rich, I will buy fabric from John Lewis.  But until then, Abakhan’s it is.

Strawberry Purse

Strawberry Purse

My other really exciting sewing project of the week is this plastic to look like wood handled purse, designed by ME!  When I was close to finishing, I realised that it can also be reversible!  I would have planned it a bit better if I would have known that in the design and fabric buying stages.  But, I am really excited that it turned out as well as it did on the first try and will definitely be making more.

I also started making Amy Butler’s ottoman/pillow this evening and was pleasantly surprised with how incredibly easy it is to assemble.  I thought it would be a multi-day project, but I think it’s very possibly to finish in a few hours, provided you don’t run out of thread!  Pictures will be posted when I buy more thread and finish.


Why Spike Jonze is awesome: reason 58 July 28, 2009

I am SO excited about the Where the Wild Things Are movie!  When I first heard of the movie, I was a bit skeptical because too often book-based movies disgrace the book, even though I love Spike Jonze.  But I have come around to the idea and am very excited, and you should be too, for these reasons:

  1. Who doesn’t love Where the Wild Things Are the book, although I do realise that could also be a reason for disapproval?!
  2. The animation/graphics or whatever they are look amazing
  3. All things in life, at least my life, come back to Weezer and Joss Weadon, and I am happy to say that this one comes back to Weezer thanks to Spike Jonze.  Please see: Undone, Buddy Holly, and Island in the Sun (the one with the SUPER cute animals; no offense Marco Siega, but nothing can compete with those animals that make me squeal with delight every time) music videos.  In a nut shell, reason 3 is that Spike Jonze is awesome.
  4. Finally, I feel really comforted and excited with the adaptation after seeing this featurette where Maurice Sendak was heavily involved with the movie and praises Spike Jonze for his interpretation.

On a craft note, I’ve really been craving a project that will give me some instant gratification and will also expand my wardrobe.  Knitting takes entirely too long, so, I bought a really cheap sewing pattern the other day for a skirt because it is kind of cute, and the pattern says ‘easy’, which means an instant gratification project and I need some new clothes.

New Look 6872

I still have to buy some fabric for it, but I cut the pattern pieces out this evening and was excited to find that it only involves two pieces!  Yay for very instant gratification clothing, short from buying pre-made!