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Screen Printing Fail & Other Stuff September 1, 2009

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Last weekend I attended an all day screen printing workshop at the Urbis, Manchester.  I had what I thought were some really good ideas for t-shirts, but they turned out to be a massive FAIL.

My whale print was better in my head, but didn’t really translate into a good print because 1) the picture in my head involved better/more technical placement of colours, 2) once I put the board into my shirt to stretch it out for printing, the paper I did the stencil on wasn’t big enough and 3) the picture just didn’t translate.

I was really pleased with the robot print until I was trying to fill in the little gaps with paint, which also turned out terribly bad, and smudged a glob of paint I didn’t know was on my arm onto the side of the shirt, hence, the weird space invaders.

Amy Butler Gumdrop Pillow

On a more successful note, I finished the Amy Butler Gum Drop pillow.  One of the best things about Amy Butler’s patterns is how extremely easy everything is to make.  I have her book, In Stitches and have also made a few of the free patterns from her website and have enjoyed making her designs.  She uses simple shapes that usually require very few pattern pieces, if it uses pattern pieces at all and the construction and directions are really simple and easy to follow as well.  Yet, the finished product looks incredibly professional and much more difficult and time consuming to make than it actually is.

After a week of testing it out on the sofa, it’s a really great project and more comfortable than I originally thought it would be.  It’s best as an extra form of back support, as shown in the pattern picture; it’s proved to be an extremely comfortable knitting position as well.  There is also enough give with the bean bag filling that you can use it in the same way as a normal pillow for laying on the sofa to watch TV.  I will be making an ottoman sometime in the near future.

My super awesome husband also got me Let’s Make Cute Stuff by Aranzi Aronzo! Cute Dolls.  The title is not misleading at all; all the dolls/stuffed animals in this book are super cute!


Learn a new craft at the Urbis July 14, 2009

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As part of their Adult Learning Programme, the Urbis in Manchester holds different introductory craft lessons every fortnight.  So, if you’ve wanted to dabble in a few different mediums, but don’t want to spend loads of time and money only to discover you don’t really like crocheting, then this is a great way to learn for £2.50.

This Sunday the Handmade Social craft is sewing and embroidery for beginners and basic knowledge sewers.  The end product of this lesson is a felt brooch.

So far, I have been to three of the sessions and learned how to crochet a granny square, learned to screen print and made a bamboo lantern.  I still have a long way to go with crocheting, but it’s good to have someone show you the basics and it’s a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Screen Printed Mighty Boosh Face

Screen Printed Mighty Boosh Face

My attempt at crochet

My attempt at crochet